Evil / Live


An interactive audiovisual installation by
Bill Vorn
Montréal (Québec) Canada
© 1997



EVIL / LIVE is an interactive sound & light installation based on the cellular automaton principle. It is inspired by The Game of Life, a cellular automaton invented by John Conway in 1970.

A matrix of 64 halogen lights (8 x 8) is hanging from the ceiling on an aluminium structure. 4 speakers are also fixed on the structure, just behind the lights. The structure is about 2m x 2m.

The lights are changing constantly by themselves according to the rules of The Game of Life which are controlled by a computer. Patterns are created automatically by the program. For each light also correspond a particular sound (generated by a sound sampler in the computer) in such a way that light patterns also create rythm patterns and variations.

8 ultrasound sensors are located around the installation room and detect the presence of people on a 8 x 8 matrix of regions. These regions are mapped on the lights matrix, so there is a direct correlation between the movement of the viewers and the state (on/off) of the lights. People can then trigger new sound & light patterns just by moving around the room.

A "chaos button" is also hanging down from the ceiling in the middle of the room. It is possible to generate a completely new pattern of sound & light at any moment by pressing this button.






• Musiques en Scène, MCA of Lyon
(Lyon, France)
From Feb. 12 to April 11, 1999

• Sonar'98 festival / Off-Sonic Sonar
(Barcelona, Spain)
From June 15 to 28, 1998

• Art Rock'98 festival
(Saint-Brieuc, France)
From May 29 to 31, 1998






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Evil Live


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