No Man's Land


An interactive robotic art installation by
Bill Vorn & LP Demers
Montréal (Québec) Canada
© 1996

Produced with the help of
Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria)
Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec




The concepts of NO MAN'S LAND follow the basis of our exploratory work on invented and immersive metaphoric environments thru the utilization of machines that produce movement, light and sound as their "living" functions or invented metabolisms. The installation invites the viewers to consider an invented habitat solely made for robots.

NO MAN'S LAND regroups 9 different robot species dispersed into the whole installation site. These species are composed of more than 50 independent robot-organisms cohabiting in the space. The viewers can walk freely around the robots, their presence being detected by a set of 64 sensors.

Each robot specie has a distinct structure and behavior and can be seen as a form and function relation based on their behaviors parameters: rhythm characteristics, complexity of motions, responsiveness and imbrication of medias. These species are:
The Herd - A group of eight long tubes flocking together.
The Attractors - A group of four swinging lights, suspended in the air.
The Parasites - A set of sixteen percussive units hook onto other machines.
The Prisoners - Two robots crawling on the floor retained by their cabling.
The Colony - Eight invisible machines living in a pile of metal junk.
The Flaunted - Eight suspended machines, dripping water to flaunt their mates.
The Scavengers - A group of scavengers fighting over a piece of metal.
The Inverted Scavengers - Same as The Scavengers but with an inverted mechanism.
The Untamed - Four robots frenetically banging their cages.





• Ars Electronica'96 Festival, Ars Electronica Center
(Linz, Austria)
From September 2 to 7, 1996






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No Man's Land


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