Wireless Motion Capture Interface
Analog Fiber Optics Signals, Gyroscope and Accelerometer Data to WiFi802.11b


18-Ch Cylinder Positioning Control Interface
OpenSoundControl to 24VDC


Ethernet to RS-232 and RS-422 Interface
OpenSoundControl to SmartMotor control and Visca camera control


RS-422 Valve Control and Ultrasound Sensor Interface
8-output 110 VAC, 3-input SRF04 ultrasound sensor


Ultrasound Sensor Interface
8-input SRF04 ultrasound sensor (Ethernet and MIDI)


Accelerometer Interface
2-input Memsic 2125 (Ethernet)


32-Ch Pneumatic Valve Control Interface
32-output 24 VDC (Ethernet and MIDI)


48-Ch Pneumatic Valve Control Interface
48-output 24 VDC (Ethernet and MIDI)


Compact Light Dimmer Control Interface
32-output 110 VAC (Ethernet and MIDI)


Light Dimmer Control Interface
32-output 4-circuit 110 VAC (Ethernet and MIDI)


Pneumatic Muscles
McKibben Actuators


Ethernet to RS-232 Interface
OpenSoundControl to Pan-Tilt Unit control (Ethernet)


Strobelight Control Interface
16-output 10 VDC (Etthernet and MIDI)


Laser Pointer Control Interface
16-output 5 VDC (Ethernet and MIDI)


LED Cluster Control Interface
8-output 24 VAC (Ethernet and MIDI)


Pneumatic Proportional Control Interface
1-output 24 VDC (MIDI)


RC Servo Motor Control Interface
8-output 5 VDC (MIDI)


Ethernet to RS-485 Interface
OpenSoundControl to RS-485


Stepper Motor Control Interface
4-output 12 VDC (RS-485)


Strobelight Control MIDI Interface
20-output low current 10 VDC (MIDI)


MIR-1 Pyroelectric Sensor Interface
64-input (MIDI)


UM-1 Ultrasound Sensor Interface
8-input (MIDI)


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